Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research

The Centre of Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) Stuttgart/Ulm is an independent research centre established 1988 by the German state of Baden-Württemberg, a group of industrial companies and two universities. It is a non-profit foundation under the civil code. The intention is to support the development of renewable energies.

The goal of the foundation is to conduct and promote research and development in the field of solar energy and hydrogen technology in co-operation with universitary and non-universitary research and by transferring the results into industrial applications. Therefore, the Centre focuses on applied research with the aim of commercialising research products in co-operation with industrial partners. In this respect, ZSW is one of the most distinguished research centres in Germany. The growing proportion of industry commissions demonstrates the application relevance of our work.

ZSW has a staff of approximately 115 persons and a total turn-over of 15 M€ (2005) of which 20 % is provided by the state of Baden- Württemberg.

Solar energy and hydrogen technology will be major components in the sustainable energy supply of the 21st century. The ZSW contributes to their development through its work in Stuttgart, Ulm, and Widderstall. It is integrated in a network of university, industrial, and institutional cooperations at home and abroad.

We offer our commissioners:
  • Development of environmentally sound technologies for providing power, heat, and fuels.
  • Conversion of research results to commercial products.
  • Consulting of manufacturers, users, policy makers, and professional associations.
The focus of our Research and Development is currently on
  • Photovoltaic power generation,
  • Batteries and fuel cells,
  • Fuels from biomass.