AER-gasification with in situ hot gas cleaning using biomass for poly-generation

The EU energy policy aims to increase the share of renewable energy carriers and focuses on new and advanced concepts in energy conversion and in fuel production. Biomass as regenerative resource has a high potential, but so far its energetic utilisation is mostly limited to heat and power generation (CHP). For the efficient production of a high quality product gas from solid biomass, new conversion technologies are required.

The here presented R & D project focuses on an Absorption Enhanced gasification/Reforming (AER) process in order to produce a clean H2 rich gas by in situ gas conditioning. This gas is not only suitable for CHP generation, but also for SNG (substitute natural gas), H2 and synfuel production. The flexibility of the AER technology refers also to the fuel properties - especially mineral-rich biomass feedstock as well as humid biomass are expected to be suitable fuels for the gasifier - opening-up a wide range and potential of biogene resources.
Formal information on the project
Title:Biomass Fluidised Bed gasification with in situ Hot Gas Cleaning
Acronym: AER-GAS II
Contract Number: 518309 (SES6)
Duration: 3 years